Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twinwood Tour 17th May 2014

Thanks to Robert Allen and all the volunteers at Twinwood Museum, we had a fascinating morning listening to and seeing how a World War 2 airfield site and buildings have been restored and developed into a successful and popular museum.

We heard about the renovations to the Control Tower and how the display has been improved over the years and will change again to try to re-create the conditions when the Tower was in use. Many of us didn't know that the windows which now give a splendid panorama of the airfield site would have originally been blacked-out, which of course makes sense during war time.

Downstairs in the Tower the airfield's connection to the World War 2 bandleader, Glenn Miller is told by way of photographs, uniforms and models, overlaid by the sounds of the tunes made popularly his Big Band.

Many of the group found the recreated wartime house interiors and shop scenes, in the Aviation Museum most engaging. Everyone stopped still to the sound of the air raid siren.

A special thank you goes to Jack for showing members of SAW around and explaining about the work behind the scenes.

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