Monday, October 24, 2011

LAARC-ing Around - Our visit to the London Archaeological Archives and Research Centre

Jack's Review

Saturday was an amazing day. We visited LAARC (London Archaeological Archives and Research Centre) as well as going to the Museum of London.
First we had a tour of LAARC by two very enthusiastic guides. This consisted of visit to the artefact stores where in ‘filing cabinets’ thousands (if not millions!) of artefacts from 1972 to the present day. We could not go round all of the archive though as it is the largest archives in Europe!
After this visit we went to the Museum of London. In there we looked around the most of the main museum (not forgetting the shop!). my favourite part was definitely the Roman section  - sadly this is being taken away soon.


  1. Looks a fantastic trip - what sort of things were in the archive? I seem to remember they have a number of grave goods. Did the Museum give a reason why the Roman section is going? Is it possible to see the remains of the old walls still? That is one of my best memories of the Museum.

  2. Yes certainly they have huge mind-boggling collections. I haven't been to LAARC, but I have been to the Museum. I remember the Great Fire of London section, but I think this has been changed since the galleries were re-developed. The LAARC is a fantastic facility and it is interesting it is the largest in Europe. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. Thanks for reading my blog piece. In answer to your questions Debbie the archive is full of every imaginable artefact from prehistoric times to modern day. the Roman section is going to make room for a new Roman section! This is because they are extending the museum to include the wall- that you can see out of the window at the moment.The wall will be inside the museum so that you can see it and also because it needs protecting. Hope I've answered your questions- post with another comment if you wish to ask any other questions.

  4. It is very sad that they are taking that Roman display out as that is my favourite bit. Sorry I could not be there. Looks like a great day out.