Thursday, November 10, 2011


Aidan's Review

We recently visited the LAARC in London. I found this trip very good and informative as I had never looked in the stores of a museum before. We saw lots of things such as where they store all their finds and the glass and pottery store. Edward and Sian took us round and explained how they deal with the finds and what records they keep. I was amazed to see a bottle of castor oil from the early 1900s still full of cstor oil! Later in the day we went to the London Museum where we saw many awesome things such as the Savoy elevator from the 1950s and the first Apple computer which was massive compared to their ipad! I really enjoyed the day and hope we can do more visits like this.


  1. Yes it is amazing how in tact some things can come out of the ground. We recently had a Higgins Bottle dug up during the building work that was not even chipped. No beer in it though. The Savoy elevator sounds great. Trouble is I would want to stand in it so that I could imagine what it would be like dressed in my finest evening dress and how many famous people might have travelled in it.

  2. Wow. That sounds like an amazing day and I would of loved to of come. The bottle of castor oil with castor oil still in it sounds fantastic.

  3. it was an amazing day

  4. Sounds like a brilliant visit! I remember the first time I went into the Museum stores at Bedford & I had the same excited feeling. Still do!
    It's been a long time since I've been to the Museum of London and you have inspired me to go again over the Christmas holidays, Aidan.
    Incidentally, my husband went to Manchester Uni in the 1960s when a whole room was taken up by one computer....

    1. Thank goodness technology has made stuff smaller!